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Restorative Dentistry in Deforest

If your smile is damaged due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or a dental injury, Dr. Lau and our team at Wisconsin Dental Wellness can help. Whether you’re suffering from the smallest cavity or you have lost multiple teeth, we will restore your smile with compassionate, judgment-free care. Get back to your day-to-day life with our restorative dentistry treatments.

Repair Cavities

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to repair and strengthen teeth that have been damaged by decay. These fillings are custom-made to match the color of your surrounding teeth perfectly, so nobody will need to know about your treatment. Composite fillings are made from durable dental resin, so they are natural-looking and will last for years. Whether you have a painful cavity or you would simply like to replace old, silver amalgam fillings, we can restore your smile and give you back your confidence.

Save Infected Teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are used to treat infected teeth. When a tooth becomes infected, the nerve-filled “pulp” becomes inflamed and causes serious pain. Root canals are fairly common procedures, and they are made virtually painless with local anesthetic. During root canal therapy, Dr. Lau will make a small hole in your tooth to remove the infected material and replace it with a rubber-like substance. Then, the tooth is cleaned and finished with either a filling or a crown, restoring its shape and function, and preventing further damage.

Protect Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns

Crowns are also often called “caps” because they are designed to fit around the entire exterior chewing surface of a cracked or broken tooth, capping it to protect the natural structure from further damage. Crowns keep your remaining tooth healthy, and are often used after root canal therapy or to improve the appearance of a tooth. At Wisconsin Dental Wellness, we use the highest-quality, lab-made porcelain dental crowns.

Replace Missing Teeth

Partial & Full Dentures

Dentures are an effective, natural-looking way to restore missing teeth. Partial dentures usually consist of an acrylic and metal base, which holds one or more “false teeth” in place. Full dentures fit directly over the gums to replace the upper arch and/or lower arch of your teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch, Dr. Lau can provide you with a natural, comfortable, high-quality partial or full denture to restore your smile and your confidence.

Fix Dental Issues with

Restorative Dental Care

Dr. Lau is has extensive experience with restorative dentistry, and he will efficiently repair your smile with gentle, compassionate care. Whether you are suffering from a small cavity or severe decay, we have the treatments you need to get back to optimal health. If you are in need of restorative dental care in Deforest, give us a call today to get started, or drop by our office at 821 S Main Street, Deforest, WI 53532. We are located right off County Hwy CV/Main St., next to Ace Hardware.

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