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Gum disease is one of the most common oral health issues in America. It has been estimated that at least 50% of American adults suffer from some form of gum disease. Without proper treatment and periodontal care, a serious case of gum disease can develop and cause irreversible loss of gum tissue and teeth. Dr. Lau of Wisconsin Dental Wellness is an expert periodontist. He will protect your gums and treat them if you are experiencing any issues.

How Can I Protect My Gums?

Causes of Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque and tartar. Over time, these bacteria build up on your teeth and gums.If they are not removed by brushing and flossing, they will attack your gum tissue, causing infection and inflammation. The primary cause of gum disease is neglect of oral health. However, other contributing factors include diabetes, poor diet, tobacco use, and genetics. Your best defense against gum disease is routine checkups and cleanings with Dr. Lau.

What To Look Out For

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease has a range of symptoms, depending on the severity of the disease. The most minor form of gum disease is called gingivitis and involves the following symptoms:

  • Tender and inflamed gums
  • Gums that look dark or “wine-colored”
  • Bleeding when brushing and flossing
  • Gum recession or swelling
  • Bad breath (halitosis)

Gingivitis is reversible with proper oral hygiene and treatment from Dr. Lau. However, if it is left untreated, it may progress to a more serious case of irreversible periodontitis. This stage of gum disease involves the following symptoms:

  • Pain when biting and chewing
  • Shifting of teeth in their sockets, or tooth looseness
  • Pus between the teeth and gums
  • A change in your bite
  • Bright red or purplish gums

Eliminate Gum Disease And Restore Your Smile

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser periodontal therapy uses an advanced dental laser to remove inflamed and damaged gum tissue from the roots of your teeth, and smooth the tooth root, eliminating infection and promoting better gum health. This treatment helps gums regenerate and heal, and removes the infection. Laser periodontal therapy is very effective, and less invasive than traditional scaling and root planing treatments.

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Time is critical when it comes to treating gum disease. The longer you wait to get treatment, the higher your risk is of developing a significant, irreversible case of periodontitis. If you notice any signs or symptoms of gum disease, contact the team at Wisconsin Dental Wellness right away to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lau. You can reach us at 608-912-0323, or come to our office at 821 S Main Street, Deforest, WI 53532.

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